The 4 Common Issues of Senior Dogs

Our pet dogs are an example of what being young means. These pets have plenty of energy and excitement since they are puppies and maintain this behavior until they age, but at some point in time, they reach their seniority.

These pet dogs gradually show symptoms of aging, which we may not be aware of. Like humans, our pets get old and are prone to develop health problems that considerably affect their habits. These symptoms of aging are often overlooked as normal pet issues, but identifying these symptoms in relation to our pets’ age could be very helpful in keeping them well.

What are the signs of aging for dogs?

The daily routine our pets have is easily noticeable when they are altered. These adjustments in their activities could be an indication that they are aging. We have to understand that the reasons for their altered habits could be due to the development of health complications associated with their age.

Our dogs can experience a lot of changes when they age. Their senses could deteriorate, have oral or bone complications, and gain weight. These changes are challenging to avoid and take care of without help from veterinarians and regular animal hospital visits. Here are a few of the usual health concerns that develop and the symptoms of aging on dogs. You can click here to find out more about this animal hospital.

Vision Loss

Our pets’ eyes are typically the first ones to weaken or have complications. Dogs are very vulnerable to cataracts in much the same way humans are. They develop a cloudy film on their lenses that eventually leads to loss of sight. This problem progresses gradually, and a consultation with a veterinarian could keep it from fully blinding our dog.

Dental Problems

Dental health also declines as they age. They develop weak teeth that may break or fall off when stressed. Our dog’s dental health is one of the essential areas to take care of, and getting veterinarians to perform regular dental health check-ups and teeth cleaning could prevent these problems entirely. You can find a veterinary dentist in Parrish, FL by doing a quick online search.

Joint Problems

As the bones of our pets become weak and fragile as they age, osteoarthritis could be the cause. Osteoarthritis causes weakness and discomfort to our pets. This issue could be difficult to bear for both pet and owner. These cases would require veterinary chiropractic services to assist.


Obesity is an issue both humans and pets have. This condition starts when aged dogs become less active because the food they eat is not converted for energy. An active lifestyle for our pets and great nutrition could assist curb its effects.


Your dog could have signs of aging, and you may have overlooked them. Our pets could have deteriorating health and get health issues as they age. These issues, such as; vision loss, obesity, joint and dental issues, will be experienced by our pet. These problems may be prevented or managed, but they will be challenging for us. The services of specialized veterinarians will be needed to address these health conditions. Frequent veterinarian visits and proper care for our pets go a long way to maintaining their health.

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