My philosophical ramblings began this blog as a way to attempt to answer that question. Over 1000 articles have been written, as well as a few ebooks and guides that explore what it means to live a more fulfilling life. My posts cover everything from productivity and learning to the meanings of life., in addition to my blog, is a non-profit organisation where I share inspiring stories and information. does not have ads and is fully supported by these extras. I am glad to have been able to share my thoughts with you.

About Jovia Parriston

This blog was started just before I turned 20 years old. It has in many ways mirrored my adult life.

This blog was started by me when I became interested in current events. You can find many articles on this topic. Later, I quit my job to focus on productivity and socializing. Learning was an important topic that eventually led to me becoming a full-time writer with a website.

I was also interested in the idea of self-mastery and continued career development.

My interests extend beyond writing, entrepreneurship, and life philosophy to include programming, travel and cooking. I also enjoy teaching myself everything I can.